Please fill out the form, below and contact us at for additional questions.

Sunday, October 29th 3:00 – 5:00PM
Clique Studios
2385 Midway Rd #100, Carrollton, TX 75006

1. Audition will be roughly 2 hours in total. Please show up 5-10 minutes early to find
parking as auditions will start right at 3:00. You will learn some choreography and
perform it a few times, we will take a short break, then we will have you freestyle
in the style of 60s gogo for about 20 minutes to test your endurance.
2. Fitted and athletic attire is highly encouraged. Also, please try to attend with your hair
and makeup done as you would wear it for a performance.
3. All candidates required to fill out a short application below.
4. Please inform us if you will be bringing guests, the space is tight and we’d prefer if you
show up solo.

We are looking for a variety of qualities during this audition, foremost a good attitude, upbeat and positive personality, stage presence, and either technical dance skills or eagerness to learn. Formal dance experience not required.

Sign in (5 minutes)
Introduction (5 minutes)
We will introduce ourselves and give a little information on the group and what we do.
Q & A (10 minutes)
Auditionees feel free to ask any questions they may have
Warm Up (5 minutes)
Quick stretching and preparing to dance.
Solo (25 minutes)
Perform your prepared 2 minute bit of solo choreography. You don’t need to bring your own music. Just let us know the song ahead of time and we will supply music for you.
Group Choreography (30 minutes)
You will learn a prepared set of choreography. We will go over the choreography and have you recite this as a group. We are looking for how well you pick up choreography as well as perform the choreography in a group setting.
Break (15 minutes)
You’ll need it.
Stamina (approximately 20 minutes)
With music of our choosing, show us how you can shake it to fast tempos with high energy. Stamina is essential for a lot of our group choreography and freestyle gigs.

Flexible-ish Schedule We expect prospective members to be able to participate in at least one show or more per month (generally in the evenings and on weekends), as well as weekly practice, currently, on Wednesday nights. There may be other rehearsals outside of our scheduled Wednesday rehearsal times, so we ask that you are comfortable with working around your schedule should we need extra rehearsals.
Appearance We expect willingness to coordinate and maintain costumes and appearances for events for the purpose of being seen as well coordinated and professional. This involves at a minimum purchase or creation of a two piece fringe outfit, white go-go boots, and occasional themed costumes.

Your answers and honesty will be respected and will not be shared with the group. We mainly perform in bars or settings where social drinking is common. While no one is required to drink as a Pistolette, it is also against our policies to allow dancers to become inebriated while on the job. We do respect that everyone here are adults and expect each dancer to be aware of their alcohol intake, while also being mindful that some dancers do not drink alcohol, or have the potential to have negative reactions to alcohol. Your potential to be a Pistolette is not contingent on your response.